Addicted to Kayaking: 6 Apps to help your First-time Kayaking

First-time kayakers will always admit that it’s their initial experience on the water, but most will shun the idea of having something serious happen to them. Getting lost or getting injured, however, is only a matter of when, not if, for these people.

Follow the Rules

It’s for these reasons, though, that they or a guide should have some of these kayaking apps ready:

Checking the Tides

Simple Tides. It’s a good thing to be forewarned about the waterways. This app does exactly that kind of thing. It’s a good app to be bringing into the ocean with its unpredictable currents, but it’s also a better app to bring into the river, which could also be unpredictable during the wet seasons.
River Data. Monitoring the river becomes easier with this app. If there is a sudden rise in water levels, this water app will warn you. You can alternatively sign up for text or email alerts from anywhere else in the country.

Improving your Experience

KayakLog. Ever wanted to share your unique kayak experience with your friends, buddies, or others who want to get into it? This app will help you do that. The weather, air temperature, tide conditions—everything it deems important enough to share will be shared through its website.
Paddle Ready. Another app that espouses sharing, the app can share your current route with friends, minimizing your chances of getting lost.

Getting Started

Smart Start Kayaking. Getting tips from experienced kayakers wouldn’t hurt. This app helps you get that experience and more. Safety information, great tips, SeaKayakExplorer is the site that has it all for the novice in you.
Mountain Buzz. A community site shared by many, this app helps you get information based on personal experiences. You can also ask for tips from other like-minded people.

Make the Rules

With a wealth of information such as these, it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself contributing. At the level of a beginner, though, it helps to be a follower first.

My Design: Making a Computer-Aided Kayak Design

Once, it was simple enough to build a boat. You needed tools to hollow out wood, wood to make the boat, and the hours to do it. Now, there are more complicated—but sure—ways to create a boat that won’t let you down—or drag you down, for that matter.

Here’s a basic view on how to create software that will help you achieve your boat-making dream.

It has to teach you how to create moulds. You need to test the foundation first to see if it will float. An app will teach you that; that’s how you should design your app first. Once you know that software will teach users to build a hull that won’t sink, you can move to the next steps.
It has to teach you not to sink. This app should be able to tell you how not to sink. Doing this requires a different layer of gelcoat (waterproof paint) to achieve. You should research on how many coats are required to create a sink-proof boat, canoe, or kayak.
It should make learning easy. Apps usually have a steep learning curve. It’s up to you, the software designer, to teach through the app in an easy-to-understand way. It’s one way to create an app that would let you teach—another to make an app that lets you teach easily.
It should either be localized or be understood internationally. Finally, you should know who will download the app. Are you marketing it locally? Are you releasing it to the world? Once you know this, you should be able to release the app with confidence that people who need to download it will know it.

It would be very convenient to have an app that would help you create that kayak of your dreams. If you’re an extreme hobbyist, that is. There are ready-made kayaks out there, but creating your own kayak gives you a different set of fulfillment as you set out on the water.

Software that cares: 5 GPS features for that Kayaking trip


The day looks perfect. You’ve got your boat, your paddle, and maybe a few of your favorite buddies. But you found yourself lost. Fortunately, though, you’ve got your GPS with you…or do you have one with you?

If you’re going to buy a GPS for your kayaking trip, it has to have one of these features, at the least:

• Geotag-ready

It has to have a ready camera with a clear view, but this isn’t your normal ‘selfie’ camera. This is to make sure you have a clear picture of every last location you were. Geotag actually makes it possible for you to retrace your steps or for others to find you in the event you get lost.

• Knowledge of your Surroundings

Surroundings here doesn’t mean nature, it means the lay of the waterways—currents, tides, the like. If the software has these ready for you to look at, it’s already a big help. It also gives you an idea if it’s a good day for going onto the water or not.

• Organization

If your GPS has software that lets you organize your maps and routes, then you only get lost on your own decision. Routes, waypoints, and maps are a good way of keeping yourself from getting lost; marking familiar points on the map which can help you find your way back.

• SOS signal

Only to be used in extreme cases where you find yourself absolutely lost, an SOS signal would pinpoint your exact location for rescuers to find. Even if you drift away from your last location, having it ping your location would lead rescuers right to where you are.

• Coordination with a Group

Having a group is a good way of avoiding becoming lost. If, however, you find yourself alone, you could use the GPS to find them. You can also coordinate a meeting point for the whole group, in case one of you gets lost.
It’s not a bad thing to go kayaking if you’re ready for it. However, safety measures will ensure you focus on the fun and not worry about anything else.

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