Once, it was simple enough to build a boat. You needed tools to hollow out wood, wood to make the boat, and the hours to do it. Now, there are more complicated—but sure—ways to create a boat that won’t let you down—or drag you down, for that matter.

Here’s a basic view on how to create software that will help you achieve your boat-making dream.

It has to teach you how to create moulds. You need to test the foundation first to see if it will float. An app will teach you that; that’s how you should design your app first. Once you know that software will teach users to build a hull that won’t sink, you can move to the next steps.
It has to teach you not to sink. This app should be able to tell you how not to sink. Doing this requires a different layer of gelcoat (waterproof paint) to achieve. You should research on how many coats are required to create a sink-proof boat, canoe, or kayak.
It should make learning easy. Apps usually have a steep learning curve. It’s up to you, the software designer, to teach through the app in an easy-to-understand way. It’s one way to create an app that would let you teach—another to make an app that lets you teach easily.
It should either be localized or be understood internationally. Finally, you should know who will download the app. Are you marketing it locally? Are you releasing it to the world? Once you know this, you should be able to release the app with confidence that people who need to download it will know it.

It would be very convenient to have an app that would help you create that kayak of your dreams. If you’re an extreme hobbyist, that is. There are ready-made kayaks out there, but creating your own kayak gives you a different set of fulfillment as you set out on the water.

My Design: Making a Computer-Aided Kayak Design

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